Train Travel in Brazil

Train Travel in Brazil

Brazil has a limited train network. However, some routes are helpful for tourists and offer scenic rides. Minas-Vitoria is a great day trip and ideal for travelers who want to travel between Belo Horizonte (in the heartland of Minas Gerais) and Vitoria on the Espirito Santo Coast.

The Sao Luis Carajas railroad is the most convenient and fastest way to travel between Sao Luis (in northern Brazil) and the interior of Para (in northern Brazil). A passenger and cargo train runs in Amapa (also in northern Brazil) from Santana, which is 124 miles (200 km) inland, to Serra de Navio, an ex-mining town. Even though they are old and need maintenance, the passenger cars still function.

Brazil has a few short, charming historic routes. These routes are home to steam locomotive trains affectionately known as Maria Fumaca or “Smoking Mary.” This unique steam engine runs a 7-mile (12 km) journey on weekends between Sao Joao del Rei, Tiradentes, and historic Minas Gerais towns.

A short but appealing trip between Mariana and Ouro Preto (one of Brazil’s best-preserved colonial towns) and Mariana (also in Minas) can be taken. The route is only seven miles (12 km) apart but buzzes with history. This is because the road was used by gem hunters and gold miners in the days before the gold rush.

Another spectacular route Train Travel in Brazil is the Curitiba to Paraanagua train ride through the Atlantic rainforest in the Serra do Mar. The stretch between Curitiba and Morretes is the most memorable. Contact the Curitiba Ticket Office for more information.

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