Travel with children to Thailand

travel with children

Have you ever intended to go travel with your child? Is it boy or girl? Whether having any obstruction or not? I think going travel with children is so exciting. Thinking of place where you will go; for example Thailand. It is good choice because Thais are fond of children.

If you are European and having lovely children with blond yellow hair, surely you will be received much more attention than others. People find it difference, sometimes they glare at you but do not worry, and it is just friendly. And the difference in language is not a problem because the children find it easy to make friend.

Especially in Bangkok, you can bring your child in your back, no need to use the baby strollers and travelling around. There is no harm but remember that to keep away from dogs and monkeys or any rabies if they are risk in Thailand.

The weather is rather intense with sun shine, therefore wearing hats or applying sun block cream will be ideal for your family especially children. In order to avoid illness, frequently washing your hand and children’s hand because the children is so dynamic and they like picking anything to their mouth.

So, it is not difficult to travel with children, do not forget the above mentioned idea and safe is the top. Good luck with your choice!

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