Traveling to Perth – The Most Peaceful Land in Australia

Traveling to Perth

It is not necessary to go to the west of Australia on summer days, visitors can still experience sea games and enjoy the peaceful scenes on freezing days with degree of 10°C.

From Elizabeth Quay to Kings Park

Talking about Australia, many people often think of familiar landmarks such as Sydney or Melbourne, and Perth itself seems to be somewhat strange. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you’ll find the land of Western Australia worth visitting.

Traveling to Perth is also a great way to unwind as well as to discover. That’s the opinion of many people who know about Australia. Perth is the capital of Western Australia, with a population of just over 2 million people on an area of nearly 6,500 square kilometers. Therefore, when you come here, you will feel a strange peace, the street is always quiet, calm, no boisterous whistle of cars and trains as elsewhere. Western Perth is covered in the blue of the sea, with relatively few high-rise buildings, mostly concentrated in the city center, especially in Elizabeth Quay – the symbol of Perth. That’s why when you want to take a snapshot of Perth’s modernity, photographers are primarily looking into this area, where the beautiful Swan River flows.

Elizabeth Quay was opened in January, 2016 with the goal of connecting the city to the north bank of the Swan River. It is ideal for visitors to visit in the afternoon and experience the beauty of the sunshine and enjoy the Fremantle Doctor (a noun used to indicate the cool breeze blowing from the ocean to cool the city).

The reporter was in Perth in early August when the weather was Australia’s winter and shifted to spring. In the early morning and late afternoon the temperature is quite low, ranging from 5 to 20°C. However, the cold here is quite pleasant, just need to wear a shirt with a cout outside, that is enough for visitors to explore Western Australia all day.

If you are in a tour, you will know there is too little time to enjoy the scenery, take pictures of many destinations. Due to traffic conditions, the car stopped at the parking that is away from the most central location of Elizabeth Quay about 15 minutes walk. The tour guide said, you have 30 minutes to visit this area. Thus, the reporter just took the flycam to video, take a quick photo, did not have enough time to stroll to many other beautiful areas, especially where there are many outdoor art works around the area such as the 29-meter Spanda, also known as the “Paperclip”, because it is shaped like paper clips to hunt for an impressive photo.

Kings Park, the world’s largest park, is located on a 400 hectare site in the heart of Perth. There is also a botanical garden with many ancient trees, countless native shrubs with fresh air.

In the middle of the main entrance is the War Monument Bang with an eternal fire – a memorial to those who fell in the Australian military conflict.In the afternoon, people and tourists often come here to rest, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the cool weather and sunshine.

The 12-hectare Botanic Garden in Kings Park features wildflowers from throughout Western Australia and many parts of the world. There is also a 700-year-old baobap with strange shapes.

The most attracting things of Kings Park is visitors can stand on Wishing Well hills to overlook the city and take picture the S-shaped bend over the Swan River.

Turn right from the direction of the Monument, visitors can stroll along the eucalyptus or follow a long path through the forest with indigenous plants. There is also a road called Boodja Gnarning Walk which is dedicated to the indigenous tribe Nyoongar. Along the way, there are many guides explaining the customs and meaning of this area.

Featured image: Jeff Thomson

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