The Iconic, Tugu Train Station Yogyakarta

Tugu Train Station Yogyakarta

Tugu Train Station Yogyakarta


Jl. Pringgokusuman, Pringgokusuman, Gedong Tengen, Yogyakarta

Tugu train station Yogyakarta has a very strategic location, located in the heart of Yogyakarta and not far from various tourist attractions in Yogyakarta.


Brief History of  Tugu Train Station Yogyakarta

Tugu Train Station Yogyakarta began serving transportation needs since May 2, 1887, about 15 years after Lempuyangan Station was operational. Initially, this station was only used for transit of produce trains transporting from regions in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. But since February 1, 1905, this station began to be used for transit passenger trains. The first out-of-town lane was built in 1899, connecting Jogjakarta and Surakarta.

Starting from a small train station, the Tugu train station Yogyakarta has now become one of the largest stations in Indonesia.


Tugu Train Station Services

The Tugu train station has 6 train lines. This train station serves transportation from almost all major cities in Java. More than 20 train departures and arrivals take place every day, whether economy, business or executive train. There are various choices of trains and departure times to go to certain areas so you have many choices.

Because it was built in the Dutch colonial period, the architecture of the Tugu train station building is very thick with a European feel. Once off the train, you will immediately recognize it from the large brown doors and high ceilings are fixed with white walls.

You can also enjoy the charm of the station building which is still maintained its authenticity from the front. The building looks magnificent with large doors and two roofs that cover the railway.

The Tugu train station is one of the major train stations that still maintains its function as a railroad maintenance, in contrast to major stations in general, which are now only as a transit point. Therefore, you can wander to the corners of the station to be able to watch the activities of the train mechanics and trace the aging tracks of the train station. Some employees at this train station know enough about the history of the station.

When heading to the western part of the station, you will find a train locomotive repair site. You must be amazed because you can observe in detail every component in the locomotive. Even, You can observe the engine from below because there is a ladder leading to the bottom of the ‘parked’ locomotive. Not far from there, you can see the ancient black train statue which is also interesting to enjoy.

Walking a little to the south, you can find a place to repair train cars. Even though you can’t get in, you can peek at it from the white-blue iron railings that surround it. Looking up, you will see a train part that is placed in a yellow tower. The spare parts are the railroad wagon cranes that have been used since the Dutch era.

When you walk again to the north, you will find the train cleaning officers. If you come or will leave in the evening, then take the time to stand between lanes 4 and 6 and look west.

Beautiful twilight views will be found when the sky is clear, combined with railroad tracks that will increasingly look like lines that eventually merge into one point. The existence of a train crane on the tower and street children who bring music will further add to the exotic scenery of the sunset.

Satisfied with enjoying the beauty of the train station, you can start your tour in Jogjakarta. Various kinds of transportation are available at this train station. You can take a pedicab to Jogjakarta Palace and  Bakpia Pathok Store. If you want to travel some distance, you can use the city bus or taxi. Meanwhile, if you are going directly to shopping, you just walk along the Malioboro area, which is located just south.


Source: Stasiun Tugu Yogyakarta


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