Walk Down the Cigenter River, The Sensation Of Exploring the Amazon Wilderness in Indonesia

Cigenter River

If you visit Ujung Kulon National Park, don’t miss to enjoy the beautiful jungle of Handeleum Island which is still beautiful and virgin. For that you can take a canoe or Jukung boat along the Cigenter River which divides Handeleum Island.

Cigenter River is in the conservation area of ​​the Javan Rhino, whose existence is almost extinct and is a waters in the area of ​​Handeleum Island, Ujung Kulon, Banten. Handeleum Island is an island among a group of small islands on the northeastern tip of the coast of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula.

You can walk along the waters of the Cigenter River by using a canoe or jukung boat that can be loaded with up to six people. Before going down the Cigenter river, you must report to the local officer. You must also be accompanied by a guide who already understands the ins and outs of the Cigenter River. After all is ready, you will be treated to a beautiful view on the right and left side of the river for almost 12 kilometers.

The uniqueness and location that is still very natural attracts the Cigenter River. On the left and right sides of the river are surrounded by dense and virgin forests. Forest-dwelling animals roam freely.

While walking around the river, you might meet a group of monkeys who are often curious about our arrival. You also have to be careful because it is said that there are still pythons that live around the river. On the Cigenter river there are also crocodiles who like to swim while occasionally poking a little head. You will feel the sensation of exploring the Amazon forest from the boat. Not in Brazil but in Indonesia.

Cigenter river flows that flow slowly provide an opportunity for us to be able to enjoy the natural beauty around us. You are also advised not to be noisy when on the boat for fear of disturbing the animals there.

After finishing along Cigenter river, you can continue your visit to Peucang Island. The beach on Peucang Island has white sand and has calm waves with clear water, perfect for relaxing while enjoying the beauty of the island. Peucang Island also has lowland tropical rainforests located not far from the shoreline. Because of its location which is still the area of ​​Ujung Kulon National Park, Peucang Island is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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