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Wat Ratchapradit

Wat Rajapradit Sathitmahasimaram Rajaworaviharn (Wat Rajapradit) is located near Saranrom Park that is now closed in Khlong Ku Muang Derm Road and is located on the opposite bank of the canal to Wat Rajabopit. King Rama IV ordered the construction of Wat Rajapradit Sathitmahasimaram in 1864 to be the first temple belonging to Dhammayutika sect. The phra vihara is built on a high base and is exquisitely decorated. The temple is comprised of eight stone pillars with a carving of the Buddhist Wheel of Law (Dhammachak) with there is one for every direction, which is why they are given its title “Mahasimaram”.

His architecture’s Western style is evident in the selection of construction materials. Beautiful carvings decorate the temple. The principal wihan (assembly hall) is one example. It is clad in a sombre gray marble.

The interior murals were created in the late 19th century and depicted celebrations that are part of the Thai lunar calendar. They depict elaborately crafted arrangements in preparation for The Giant Swing ceremony, people enjoying the Loy Krathong Festival of Water each year, and the famous picture depicting Rama IV observing a solar eclipse.

The gardens of the Wat are home to many other noteworthy structures, including elegant pavilions, prangs that resemble Khmer, and the gray marble chedi (stupa). In the area around Wat Ratchapradit (close to Khlong Lot), there is a gold-plated boar and a temple to the queen Saowapha Phongsi. The wife to Rama V, she was born in the boar’s year.

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