Weather in Japan: Find Your Best Time to Get there

Weather in Japan

Travel Japan to experience diverse weather in Japan, because here you may experience everything – in summer hot sun rays will make your skin tanned and sea water warm, and in autumn you will be stunned by the golden beauty of woods and parks, in winter you can ski, skate or sledge, make a snowman or play snowballs and spring with little rain will breathe a new vivid and bright air in Japan, and bring tender pink sakura blossom, rosy flourishing areas have been drawing lots of people here and there are many works of art in Japan devoted to this breathtaking view.

Travel Japan though it is rather a small country, its size can be compared to that of California, but it has plenty of delights and pleasures in its treasury. This island land is located in the World Ocean, and if you have made a decision to travel Japan then bear in mind an incredible opportunity of swimming in several seas, the following sea coasts are available: the Sea of Japan in the west, the Sea of Okhotsk in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the east and the East China Sea in the south. It’s a wide range, isn’t it? Besides it should be pointed out that the archipelago of Japan has lots of mountains, the highest peak of which is Mount Fuji, that’s an active volcano, but there are as well can be found dormant and extinct volcanoes. Japan is believed to be a fiery mixture, why not travel Japan?

Actually each world traveller should drop in Japan, and no matter what season it may be, because Japan is wonderful at all the seasons, though there are some seasonal gems! e.g. Winter snow covers Japan with a white, glimmering blanket; spring can be undoubtfully called a nature bride wearing an exquisite pink dress that charms everyone; summer is colourful, bright and active, you will get an indigo sea, a hot sun, a blue cloudless sky, tours around Japan, excursions, trips and vacations, though June’s high rainfall time; the fall is nature leisure, it seems a rainbow, it can be red, orange, yellow, pink, green and golden.

Truth be told the land of the rising sun really arouses all the best feelings and emotions. It’s a pleasure to travel Japan!

JC. Princen

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