10 Best Jobs for Expats That Will Help You Travel The World


Teach English

Teaching English can be done in countries all over the world and has always been popular.


Au Pair/Nanny

Being an Au Pair or Nanny is another popular option when considering the best jobs for expats, and it's a terrific way to learn about family life in another country.


Freelancer who travels

You might work as a Virtual Assistant (VA), as a translator, in various web projects such as web design or social media, as a designer or travel writer, or virtually anything.


Working Holiday Visa

You don’t have to have a travel job to travel and live overseas. If you’re under 30 (or sometimes under 35) then I’d urge you to take advantage of all the Working Holiday Visas that you can!


Instructor Jobs Abroad

Being a Diving Instructor had to make the list of best careers for expats because it is a dream for many people. The ability to do something you enjoy every day and be rewarded for it is why so many people seek a job overseas or a chance to travel while working.


Seasonal Jobs Abroad

Short-term seasonal job is available in several countries, allowing you to work and travel.

If you wish to travel the world for less money, a series of work exchange opportunities can help. Because you are not technically working a "job," you will not require a work visa.

Work Exchange



Hostel Worker

You're more than likely to meet a hostel employee from a different country or location if you stay in a hostel around the world. As a hostel worker, you can travel the world while earning money for your travels.


NGO/Humanitarian work

An NGO, humanitarian organization, or the Peace Corps are all good options if you wish to work abroad for a good cause. The type of work you do can be heavily influenced by your previous experience.


Cruise/Yacht Ship Worker

Working on a cruise ship could help you get into the travel business. You can work long hours, but at least you can travel in comfort. When you travel with a group, you can spend time with the other people there and may even have more time to look around.