things to do at the airport

“There are some good things about getting to the airport early, .”

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“but if you get there too early, you will always have to wait a long time in the departure hall.  .”

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“But it's always better to be early for your flight than to miss it.  .”

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“Here a list of 10 things to do at the airport before you take to the skies:”

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Buy yourself an accessory in some luxury boutique and treat yourself once in while.

Take advantage of the duty-free shopping and stock up on snacks for the plane.

Post a snapshot of your pre-departure coffee on social media to let people know what you're doing and maybe even catch up with some old friends.

Put together your favorite songs for an epic holiday playlist. You'll appreciate taking the time to do this later on!

Buy yourself a quick massage or beauty treatment to relax before the flight.

Start the holiday right at the airport: treat yourself to a delicious meal with a glass of prosecco in one of the lounges.

If you're a sensitive flyer, go to the drugstore and get some medicine and earplugs - almost every airport has one.

ake a power-nap after a long check-in queue and security screening procedures.

The locals will love you if you know a few local slang terms.

Call your loved ones and tell them you're already enjoying holidays for them.