5 Best Airports in washington state, usa

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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


The airport has many facilities such as; free WIFI, charging outlets, a kids' play area, and a pet relief area if traveling with animals. There is also duty-free access, and passengers with a valid credit card are able to access lounges of airlines.

Spokane International Airport


It is possible to fly to and from various US cities from the airport. The cities that are served comprise Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Multiple airlines operate from Spokane International Airport, including Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta

Bellingham International Airport


US destinations served via flights from Bellingham are Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Oakland. It is also possible to fly to Seattle directly from Bellingham, and it is not possible to travel directly from Bellingham International Airport to any international airport.

Tri-Cities Airport

Pasco, Franklin County

Various dining options are available with a bar and grill and takeaway stores. There's also a gift shop and concession stands selling necessities for in-flight travel.

Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport


The main flights in and out are coming from or going to Seattle-Tacoma. These flights are direct and operate daily, operated by Horizon Air, a branch of Alaska Airlines. Starting August 2021, Air Alaska connects to Boise, Idaho, out from this airport. away and take a flight.