5 Most Dangerous Countries for Solo Female Tourists

Credit to Ria Fritz, as published on www.wanderwisdom.com.

there are some countries where traveling alone as a woman is generally going to be more risk than it's worth. Here are the list:

While violence in Egypt is fairly low overall, far too many women report harassment, and groping here. Cairo in particular is dangerous, with many anecdotal reports of stalking and catcalling


India was ranked the most dangerous country for women—outranking Saudi Arabia and even Afghanistan.


Though parts of Morocco are relatively safe, they simply aren't worth the trip if you have to travel through Marrakesh. Women report rampant catcalling and groping.


Turkey is relatively safe overall, but It's not a good option for women traveling solo, though, because of rampant sexual harassment.


Some claim that major central cities like Bogota are safe enough for travel, but the risk seems to be much higher for female travelers.