Best time of Year to visit Japan

January - February:

It's the perfect season to ski and snowboard. You can enjoy it for a day with a lift ticket (worth about 4,000 yen)

March - April:

The cold has eased and it's exciting to see the flower buds. The cherry blossoms that bloom everywhere are also wonderful,


It's a very comfortable climate. Fresh green is also pleasing to our eyes. It's fun wherever you will decide to go and enjoy the nature


A rainy seasons, It is still comfortable, but before going outside, you should check the weather prediction several times. Please don't forget your umbrella.

July - August

A terribly hot and damp season. The way to escape from it is to go to the highlands or Hokkaido. bring a down jacket and thick socks even in the summer. The food in Hokkaido is wonderfu

September - October 

The summer is gone. It's a short period before winter comes. It's also fun to find beautiful autumn leaves.

November - December :

The mountains are covered with snow. You may enjoy seeing and experiencing cultural things.