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Best time to visit Maldives

Month by Month

The Maldives is a popular tourist destination, but it is never overcrowded. Hotels, islands, and resorts all prioritize sustainability, so even during peak season, you'll never feel crowded. If you're not on a budget and are looking for solitude or a romantic getaway with your partner, this can be a great place to spend the New Year.


February is often the driest month of the year, but you won't have to pay as much for hotels and flights as you would in December and January! With warm weather, clear skies, and no chance of rain, it's a fantastic time to be here. In the calm waters of the Indian Ocean, you can enjoy super-clear diving and snorkeling, and there is plenty of marine life to keep you entertained!


March is an excellent time to visit the Maldives due to the pleasant weather. It's lovely and warm, crystal clear, and completely dry! You can relax on white-sand beaches, snorkel among the coral reefs, or simply relax, unwind, and enjoy the Maldives' famously good service.


Visit Maldives in April are great. It's the last month of the dry season. The weather is still warm and the skies are still clear, but at the end of April, you might get an occasional rain shower. Enjoy some great diving before the rains start to make the water cloudier, and check out the Maldives' best white-sand beaches and the wonderful island life that the islands are known for.


The wet season lasts from May to October. When it comes to tourist numbers, this is the low season. During the wet season, the Maldives is hit by monsoon-like weather, but actual conditions can vary. If you want to swim with whale sharks or giant manta rays, the wet season is the best time to visit the Maldives because they are here to feed!


The weather begins to deteriorate in June, but it is not all rain and monsoons. The weather is delightfully warm but not overly humid; if you plan a vacation in June, you will have a few days of sunshine and clear skies.



In July, the weather gets worse. This isn’t the best time to visit Maldives if it’s clear skies and sparkling sunshine that you’re looking for.


August sees a bit of a respite from the rain and the monsoon, although the weather can still be quite rough. However, unless you can travel solely in August, there's no compelling need to visit the Maldives right now. You're better off waiting for drier weather or snagging a few bargains during the wet season's early months.


September is the most rainy month of the entire year. Therefore, it's not the ideal time to go to the Maldives for those who prefer to be dry! It's likely to be rainy and windy throughout the month. If you're wanting to relax and unwind, there's no reason to not visit in September.


The weather is only getting worse. October could be more rainy than September. Don't count on a lot of dry days, particularly at the beginning of the month. This could be your last chance to view whale sharks or manta rays, since they tend to disappear towards the end of October (at most in huge quantities).


November is the start of dry season and a good time to visit Maldives for deals. Peak tourist season hasn't started, but there's little chance of rain and plenty of deals to draw in the travelers!. You might catch the last whale sharks in the Maldives before they leave for food.  The manta rays are still in town, too.


December is lovely. The rains have stopped, and most days are sunny. Enjoy the weather at a luxury resort. You'll need to book flights and hotels early in December as the best resorts can often sell out over the holiday period.