Travel Tips

How To Keep Clothes Fresh While Traveling

"As exciting as going on vacation is, something that never fails to stress us out is how to keep our clothes fresh while traveling"

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1. Dust Bags

There’s nothing sadder than getting a crisp white shirt dirty before you’ve even worn it, right? Even if you’re packing a brand new pair of shoes, it’s better to be safe than sorry

Always pack your shoes in dust bags

2. hand-held steamer

A handheld steamer could keep your silk equipment shirt from looking like it was folded into your suitcase to begin with.

3. The Stylist’s Kit

Fill your makeup bag with items that are rarely used until they are needed: double-sided tape, a mini lint roller, a small sewing kit, and safety pins.

4. Roll, Don't Fold

If you bring a lot of clothes, rolling your shirts, pants, and skirts instead of folding them saves a lot of space. However, be aware that the extra space may result in high baggage fees.

5. The Ultimate Silk Savior

folding silks on the top of your suitcase, with the aforementioned garbage bag laid over them, helps hugely to prevent wrinkling. You’ll be thankful when you have just five minutes to prep in your hotel room before your first meeting.