Top countries to retire abroad

This story looks at what the top 10 countries for Americans to retire


Portugal is well renowned for its welcoming environment for US expats, with many Americans already living as retirees in cities like Porto, Lisbon, Cascais, and the Algarve.


In Panama, American retirees can easily get by on $2,600 per month, taking into account rent, groceries, utilities, and etc. This makes Panama one of the cheapest countries to live.

Costa Rica

It's seen as a haven for those who crave a more simple and peaceful lifestyle. Paired with great waves, an amazing climate, and a culture built on community, It's a true gem to behold 


Mexico has a big community of expats already, making it easy to assimilate quickly and make friends. To top it off, its vibrant life and culture make it easy to fit in and enjoy a social life


American retirees living in Colombia quoted the country’s rich biodiversity, with a combination of mountains, sea, and big cities, as one of best factors of retiring in the country.


World heritage sites, a wonderful stable climate, and attractive senior discounts attract many Americans to Ecuador for retirement.


Penang, Malaysia are fantastic for American retirees, since the low cost of living, excellent cuisine, a temperate weather, and over 878 islands with paradise beaches are at people’s disposal


Spain is a great option for retirement, from affordable dining and entertainment options to a lively culture and cheap medical costs compared to the United States.


On top of having excellent wine, cheese, and gastronomy, it’s no surprise why many American expats choose to set up homes for retirement in France.


Living costs are extremely cheap and affordable. For $2,700 per month, you can rent a premium apartment in Vietnam’s bustling cities, with utilities, food and transport being also very cheap.