What are the best travel hacks?

Email yourself a scan of your passport

You’ll thank yourself if you’re ever a victim of theft or loss. It’s also worth taking a screenshot of any journey confirmations.

Turn on ‘Private Browsing’ for cheaper flights online

By placing cookies on your browser, airlines and travel websites can track your visits. This can lead to increased prices simply because you have searched for these flights in the past.

Consider choosing an “alternate destination” when you search.

Consider flying to a larger city and connecting with or finding flights out of the city. You will save money and earn more miles.

Roll your clothes for more space

It doesn't take much to pack smart. Rolling your clothes instead of folding is one of the most efficient and easiest travel hacks. not only saves you space but also prevents wrinkles in your clothes.

Follow a pub crawl party for the best nightlife in town

To experience the nightlife of any destination you don't need to pay extra bucks and sign up for a pub crawl package. try this foolproof travel hack and locate the most popular pub crawl routes.

Dont forget your Google Translate.

take photos of text in a different language and translate what it means in real-time. Just like Google Maps, Google Translate works in airplane mode too

become friends with a local

That will make everything 90% easier than it should be.

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