What is one thing only New Yorkers know about New York?

by  Karl Schmieder - Repost from https://travelstories1.quora.com/

You can get a pretty decent cup of coffee and a buttered roll at a deli for a couple of dollars. And that cup of coffee is usually better than what your hotel gives you in your room.

Jumping the turnstile in the subway is never a good idea. The tamales the street vendor sells are pretty awesome.

Snow makes the city look beautiful. For a few hours. After that, BLECH, snow will give you a lot of trouble

The subway is usually not how you get crosstown in Manhattan. You can be as alone and ignored as you want.

Real people live normally, meet, fall in love each other, have kids, raise them here and live the time until old

There are religious institutions everywhere: That means churches next to temples next to mosques all over the city.

That true New Yorkers will go out of their way to help you and help each other. No one knows how to get things done like New Yorkers do.