What mistakes do people make when they visit New York City for the first time?

by Steven Haddock - quora.com

Bringing the car. If you’re used to going to a hotel and parking for free, you will not be presently surprised when they bring you the parking bill.

Not having a plan for getting from the airport to your hotel. Three major airports runs from “fair” (Newark’s express train to Penn Station) to “poor” (JFK’s Skytrain to the subway) to “abysmal”  

Taking taxis. Taxis are expensive, partly because they charge you for being stuck in traffic. avoid this scenario

1Taking buses. Buses are fine for short trips, or a tour, but they move in the same traffic as cars. You can walk faster than most buses move.

 Not taking the subway. The subway literally goes everywhere, it’s faster than most other forms of transportation.

Not asking for help on the subway. New Yorkers are aloof, but they love to help people. Best to just ask straight out than trying to be overly polite.

Not walking. New York is one of the world’s most walkable cities, even outside central Manhattan.You can see a ton of things on foot that you won’t see on the subway, or a bus, or in a taxi.

Not making plans. There are hundreds of things to do and see in New York City, and although Manhattan is small, it’s also hard to get from one place to another quickly.

Ignoring subway etiquette. Seats are for butts, not feet, luggage or parcels. Don’t block the doors - let people off before you get on. No food with an odor, or that falls apart onto the floor.