What should Americans know before visiting


There are a few tips to making the most of a trip to Bali, from avoiding the crowds to being monkey-savvy.

Balinese people are very nice and will respond to a genuine smile and polite hello. Loud voices and having a strop are not as effective as polite requests.

Tourist spots attract the worst from around Indonesia. Pirates in taxis, inconsiderate bikers, drunks etc. Please do not judge Bali by what goes on in Kuta, just go with the flow and laugh at it all.

If you have a problem with police while in Bali, just give them smile and chat. They will go away usually.

Come in the rain seasons and it enjoy the rain. I like the rain in Bali, it is warm and heavy. If you like sun and cooling breeze come in July and August.

Religion rules the roost in Bali. Don’t get your knickers in a knot when a street is blocked off for a ceremony – this is all part of the magic of the island.

Give wild and stray animals a wide berth. They may look cute, but rabies and other diseases are serious risks in Bali and monkeys are notorious for their thieving ways.

Bali's volcanoes are highly active and can have minor to very serious impacts on flights, hotel stays or movement throughout the country. Keep a close eye on travel advisories.