What should I not do when I visit 


There are a number of things you should NOT do in China.  I will add a quick summary.

– Anonymous

Drug offences are a big NO! Don’t mess up with drugs. China has no tolerance for drug menace. The penalties are high, and there is simply no escape.

avoid drugs


Don’t create trouble with the locals. Don’t attack women. The security system is very comprehensive. CCTV cameras are installed in every shop, restaurant, bars, pubs… 

Don’t get into politics. For example, Taiwan is a sensitive issue. You can’t just say anything you want. If you are American expat, you may be directly asked about your opinion on Taiwan issue.


Don’t try to enter China illegally. It’s not easy to enter illegal in the first place, and even if you managed to do, you will be caught.


don’t overstay your visa. The penalties include RMB 500/day fine, with a possible ban on entering China again in near future.


Don’t expect to find spoons and forks in the restaurants. You need to get used to handling chopsticks. It’s so important…


Don’t keep comparing China with this and those countries. China has its own Charm. The more time you spend exploring China, the more you will discover.