Where is safe country to travel in Europe right now?

Safe country to travel in Europe

Travellingto.asia -Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, there has been increasing concern about travel in certain regions of Europe, especially for those planning to visit neighboring countries. So, is it safe to travel to Eastern Europe for a vacation at this time? In general, the answer is yes; most Eastern European countries are still safe, and your travel plans will most likely continue. However, it is understandable that some people are concerned about traveling to countries close to Russia or Ukraine.

However, the UK Foreign Office currently only warns against traveling to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, which means that by traveling to neighboring countries that are receiving influx of refugees, such as Poland, Romania and Hungary, you can provide much-needed tourism revenue for the right business.

Safe country to travel in Europe

Here’s what you need to know now about safe country to travel in Europe. It is always a good idea to double check the UK government website for the latest information.

Is it safe to travel to Poland?

Poland is currently open to visitors, but the area about 3 kilometers from the Belarusian border in parts of Podlaskie and Lubelskie Province has limited access from 2 March 2022 and will remain so until 30 June 2022. We recommend checking the UK government website before booking your trip.

Is it safe to travel to Belarus?

Due to Russian military operations, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office [FCDO] is currently banning all travel to Belarus. According to the UK government’s website, “there is some risk that direct conflict could ensue in Belarus.” Our ability to provide consular assistance will be severely limited in the event of a conflict.’

Is it safe to travel to Hungary?

The UK Foreign Office has not yet issued a travel advisory for Hungary, indicating it is safe to visit but that you should not attempt to cross the border into Ukraine.

Is it safe to travel to Slovakia?

The FCDO doesn’t recommend against traveling to Slovakia, but you shouldn’t try to cross the border into Ukraine.

Is it safe to travel to Moldova?

Due to widespread military activity in Ukraine, including near some Moldovan borders, the FCDO only advises against all travel to Transnistria.

Is it safe to travel to Romania?

Travel to Romania is still safe, but don’t try to cross the border into Ukraine.

Is it safe to travel to Germany?

Germany remains a safe travel destination, and any trip you plan is likely to go according to plan.

Is it safe to travel elsewhere in Europe?

Popular vacation spots like Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy and others are all considered safe to visit at this time, with only a few Covid regulations in place at the border. We recommend that you check the UK and local national government websites for the latest travel advice before embarking on any trip. Contact the nearest British embassy, ​​consulate or high commission if you are overseas and need emergency assistance from the UK government.

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