Where to go and when in Japan Round-up

The list of where to go and when in Japan is almost endless, because each item of sightseeings and attractions varies from one season to another, and becomes different and even more bright or calm than it was when you experienced it for the first time.

Autumn is an incredible, colour rich time. It can be depicted as a good artist with a brilliant brush in hand, and its work is that unique and remarkable because each leaf was painted separately, the palette of colours is that of a rainbow, here you will find golden, dark-cherry, red, orange, pink, brown or green. In autumn it’s even a more pleasure to have a walking tour, or a maple journey (that’s the literal translation of that difficult word to pronunciate and write that the Japanese call it). But if you travel Japan in late autumn, then you can visit one of excellent Japanese museums or unusual theatres in fresh mornings or chilly evenings.

If it’s winter when you travel Japan, you are welcome to do some skiing or snowboarding in the snowy mountains, and after a tiresome but activities-full day you will be offered spicy or herb-rich toppings to your rice and fish or sake, or green tea with melissa or chamomile, don’t lose an opportunity to take part in a Japanese tea ceremony! Winter in Japan is a tale or heaven! A high blue sky and snow-covered trees… That’s an unbelievable sparkling view! Bear in mind that special illuminating shows are held in Japan, be sure to witness at least one! You can do it almost at all the main cities of the country (in Tokyo, Kobe, Sapporo).

The spring is a royal season, and the queen is its Majesty Sakura. That transforms all the white trees dresses to attractive pink ones. Take one of the numerous maps of Japan and be sure that any spot you put your finger at, will be an attraction, because all gets a new air of flourishing in spring. The Japanese celebrate a Sakura festival annually.

Summer is the best time to travel Japan for those eager to swim in all the seas that surround the Japanese archipelago, and to luxuriate at the hot and golden sand beaches. It’s thrilling and awesome to revel in lying in the sun and getting tanned.

No matter where and when to go in Japan you may make your mind to, but you will surely enjoy being here!

JC. Princen

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