Where to Stay in Yogyakarta

Where to Stay in Yogyakarta
When you visit a place, the main thing to think about is where you will stay. Of course with a variety of considerations, starting from the location, the atmosphere of the inn and its surroundings and the price factor. Yogyakarta as a tourist destination city has a variety of inns ranging from star hotels, guest houses and hostels available. You can also stay at a tourist village as your choice of haven.

Generally, tourists visiting Yogyakarta prefer to live in the city center, one of them in the Malioboro area. If you want to prioritize comfort, Inna Garuda Hotel, Ibis Hotel, Pearl Hotel, and Melia Purosani Hotel can be your choice.

Whereas if your budget is limited, you can choose hotels around the Sosrowijayan area (still around the Malioboro area). Backpacker with low budget can choose dormitory model hostels such as wake up hostels, edu hostel and cabin hotels.

Tourist Village
In some tourist areas in Yogyakarta, there are also many hotels that are equipped with adequate facilities. For example in the Kaliurang area. In this place you not only stop and rest for a while, but you can also relax while enjoying a quiet holiday.

If you want to find a different stay, you can try staying in tourist villages in Yogyakarta. Most tourist villages in Jogja are in Sleman Regency on the outskirts of Yogyakarta. Because visiting a tourist village during the holidays can be the right choice.

Many things you can do in the tourist village. Besides being able to directly blend with the surrounding community, you can also be able to do various activities that are offered in the village. For example, such as traditional plowing of rice fields, bathing livestock, planting rice, cooking traditional dishes, to study cultural arts such as dance and gamelan. Its location on the outskirts of the city away from the crowds is certainly very suitable as a place to relax your body and mind during the holidays.

Where to Stay in Yogyakarta

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