Wilsons Promontory National Park, Melbourne

Wilsons Promontory National Park

Wilsons Promontory National Park is about 200 kilometers southeast of Melbourne. This stunning wilderness park is almost entirely surrounded by water and ranks among the best in Australia. It is an incredible place to behold.

The Prom is sometimes called at the southernmost point of Australia’s mainland. It is blessed with beautiful beaches and postcard views.

This is a paradise for bushwalkers, with more than 30 trails that range from challenging overnight hikes in the mountains to accessible beach and lookout walks. You could easily spend days or even weeks exploring the numerous bushwalking trails. Many of the major attractions can be found in just a few days.

You can find the park entrance about 6km south of Yanakie via Foster Promontory Rd. This station has a manned entrance and provides detailed maps and information about park walks and routes. Day entry is free. However, overnight and extended visitors will need to pay.

Whiskey Bay is the best place to see the coast; from Mt Oberon Summit Walk, a moderately strenuous walk that leads to the summit, which is available for both roadside and longer hikes. The track is dotted with native wildflowers in spring, which are abundant along the tracks.

When the panoramic view is revealed, the physically strenuous climb to the summit is well worth it. You will never forget the breathtaking views of the coast.

Please note that the Telegraph Saddle Carpark will be closed during school holidays and other busy times to avoid chaos in the carpark. The shuttle bus regularly runs to and from the Tidal River/Norman Beach Visitor Center. A schedule is posted at the front. A shuttle bus is available every weekend between Melbourne Cup in November and Easter in March/April.

Wilson’s Promontory is a stunning coastal national park that offers something for everyone. You can set up camp and relax on the beach for a week or hike overnight for 20 kilometers in the wilderness. Or, you can choose to do both. The Prom promises to be memorable.

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