10 Cool Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta

yogyakarta tourist attractions

When the holiday time arrives many people are looking for interesting tourist spots in Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is famous for having many tourist destinations that are interesting and rich in culture. Many foreign tourists come to Yogyakarta for a vacation. Some instagramable attractions are suitable for you to visit with family or friends as follows.

1. Mangrove Forest, Kulon Progo

Mangrove Forest Tour is famous for its very beautiful and interesting bamboo bridge. Even the bridge in the Mangrove forest is a beautiful photo spot for you who have a photography hobby.

tourist places in yogyakarta
Mangrove Forest, Kulon Progo

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2. The peak 4G of Mount Gentong, Gunung Kidul (Puncak 4G)

In this tourist place, you can enjoy the view of green rice fields with a terracing system and beautiful hills surrounding the place. Instagramable tourism Place in Yogyakarta is a must-visit when visiting Yogyakarta.

Puncak 4G Gunung Gentong, foto via kanal jogja

3. Kedung Pengilon, Bantul

Next there Kedung Pengilon which has a height of about 10 meters equipped with a very beautiful pond underneath.

The color of this pond is turquoise, adding to the exoticism of the tourist attractions in Kedung Pengilon. This makes this tourism place as a tourist attraction in Yogyakarta that is quite instagramable for you to visit.

yogyakarta tourist information


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4. The Cemara Sewu Beach, Bantul

Cemara Sewu Beach, Bantul is one of the beaches in Yogyakarta which has its own uniqueness compared to other beaches. On this beach, you will be pampered with a panoramic view of the natural fir forest surrounding the coastline.

yogyakarta indonesia tourist attractions
Cemara Sewu Beach, photo: paketwisata.id

5. Green Village Gedangsari, Gunung Kidul

Next tourist destination that you can visit while on vacation in Yogyakarta, you can visit Green Village Gendangsari which serves the view of Sewu Mountain. This place is also equipped with various facilities such as a gazebo that you can use to relax to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

tourist attraction in jogja
Enjoy the beautiful sunset in Green Village Gedangsari Photo via jogjakini.wordpress.com

6. A thousand stone Songgo Langit, Bantul

A thousand-stone tour of Songgo Langit is an instagramable tourist spot in Yogyakarta that you can visit while on vacation. Here you can get instagramable photo spots like in a very hits Hobbit house.

A thousand stone Songgo Langit, Bantul, photo via panduanwisata.id

7. Mangunan Pine Forest, Bantul

Mangunan Pine forest, Bantul is a tourist spot with a range of beautiful pine trees for you to visit.


8. Bukit Bintang Yogyakarta Tour

Bukit Bintang is one of Yogyakarta tourism which is very fitting if you visit at night. There you can see the beautiful view of Yogyakarta city.

9. Tebing Breksi, Sleman

Breksi Cliff is a former limestone quarry that has been in the magic by artists and local residents, becomes a very interesting place with a very strong art and culture elements.

 Breksi Cliff, yogyakarta
Instagramable Breksi Cliff, photo via dolanyok.com

10. Gunung Kidul (Pindul Cave)

Goa Pindul becomes a tourist destination that you must visit when you go to Jogja. This place has a lot of water activities such as cave tubung and many more with very instagramable photo spots.

yogyakarta tourist attractions
The exotic Pindul cave, photo via jogjacars.com

For those of you who are still confused about where to go while in Yogyakarta, then some information on the above attractions can help you. So, you can choose some of these destinations as an instagramable tourism place in Yogyakarta while on vacation.

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