Jeju Love Land, 20++ Adult Special Tours In South Korea

Jeju Love Land South Korea

In various countries there are a variety of tourist attractions ranging from educational themed tourist attractions targeting the children’s market, marine tourism for marine biota lovers, to tourist attractions with interesting installations of Instagrammable art.

Adult Only Tourist Area

All of these attractions can certainly be visited by all people of all ages. However, if you visit Jeju Love Land, you must be over 20 years old before entering the tourist area.

Overall, Jeju Love Land certainly looks like a separate art island full of sensuality. Jeju Love Land is indeed a tourist place with an erotic theme. However, they also show the world of sex in a humorous way. As a tourist destination that carries the theme of sexuality, what they offer is not only erotic sculptures.

In Jeju Love Land, there are also interactive art installations and screening of films about sex education that can be used and watched by tourists. Judging by the official site of the tourist site, Jeju Love Land has two museum buildings called Baengnok Art Gallery 1 and Baengnok Art Gallery 2. Not only that, if you visit there, you can also buy art installations in the gift shop. If you visit there with friends or family members under the age of 20, you can take them to the nearest tourist sites that have Japanese animated themes.

Ticket Price

Jeju Love Land is open every day from 09.00 – 24.00. Usually, it takes 30-40 minutes to see all the sculptures. Jeju Love Land has a different price category. For adults, the price is 12,000 won. While parents over 65 are 10,000 won

If you visit a group of 30 or more peoples, the price per person is 11,000 won. Then for parents who visit with 30 or more people, they only pay 9,000 won per person.

How to get there

To visit Jeju Love Land, you should use public transportation. Because they only provide parking space for 20 cars and there are no fees. You can use public transportation such as buses that have routes number 240, 465, and 466 with the closest stops at the Jeju Museum of Art. As for taxi use from Jeju International Airport, it usually has to pay around 10,000 won.

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