August 19, 2022
Warinding Hill

Indonesia is a country that has many islands. The natural beauty is undoubtedly. One of the uniqueness of Indonesia is in Sumba Island. This island is famous as a tourist destination that is worth a visit in the eastern region of Indonesia.

If you want to visit a tourist destination in Sumba other than others, try to visit Wairinding Hill. Here’s the full explanation.

Warinding Hill

What’s On In Wairinding Hill

Wairinding is the name of the hill located in Pambota Jara Village, Pandawai Sub-district. It’s about 30 minutes from the city center of East Sumba. Wairinding hill looks amazing with its vast grassland vegetation.

This hill has a characteristic of beautiful landscape hills. You will feel that you are on a tapestry of heaven. You can find many green mounds and wide, beautiful and charming grassland vegetation.

This stretch of savanna and hill waves is yellow during the dry season, and green as the rainy season arrives. When the sun sets, the gradient of orange color will be visible, making the view of Bukit Wairinding more captivating.

Visiting Wairinding Hill in both seasons will certainly give a different impression. If you come in the dry season, which is between July and October, then the natural atmosphere will feel like you are in Africa, complete with exotic savanna fields.

If you come in the rainy season, you can feel the atmosphere like in the hills of New Zealand. Wairinding Hill is a great place for visitors who want to enjoy the silence, tranquility, and beauty that is still very natural.

In addition to the landscape of his beautiful conversation, you will also meet a group of local children in Wairinding that almost every day play around the hills.

Warinding Hill

They are happy and sincere to accompany you without expecting any reward. Their distinctive faces and smiles will certainly give their own impression as a ‘ new friend ‘ while you are at Wairinding Hill.

How to get to Wairinding Hill

The location and access to Wairinding Hill are easy. The hill is about 25 km south of Waingapu, the capital of East Sumba, and is about 50 meters from the side of the road trans Sumba.

The visitors who want to visit this beautiful hill can use the travel services, public buses or if more flexible can rent a motor vehicle in Waingapu.

The road condition to the location of Wairinding was good, already finely paved despite the winding road. You will pass through the Trans road of Waingapu-Waikabubak which is known as “Letter S” because of its winding topography. Approximately 30-45 minutes driving distance, you will get to the location.

The location of this hill is characterized by a house and a small shop that is on the roadside. Every tourist who passes through the road, will take a break to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful and enchanting view of Wairinding Hill.

Visitors can park their vehicles in the parking area that is available around the stall which is also home to the local community. From there, visitors still have to walk the hill climb that is behind the stall of approximately 500 m.

Admission Ticket Price

To enjoy the beauty of Wairinding Hill, there is no collection of admission tickets that you have to pay. However, every guest who comes is advised to fill the guest book and give the money only for the welfare of the local community.

It’s recommended for visitors  to bring food especially drinks during visiting this hill because the weather in East Sumba is very hot during the day.


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