Yasukuni Shrine, A God of War Temple in Tokyo Japan

Yasukuni Shrine

When you visit Japan, you will find many Shrine/ temples. In almost every city, even in each sub-district, each has its own shrine. It is no wonder that Japan deserves the title of a thousand shrines.

Temples in Japan

There are two types of Japanese temples in Japan. First, the shrine for Shinto religion, referred to by the term “Jinja ” or “Shrine “. Secondly, the temple for Buddhism, referred to by the term “tera/dera ” or “Temple “.

The entrance gate of Shinto Shrine has a distinctive shape. This door is called “Ootori “. When passing through this door, a person is believed to have entered the Holy Territory and can purify him.

There is one controversial temple of the many temples in Tokyo, the name Yasukuni Shrine. Why is this temple controversial? Because, the temple was dedicated to the god of war in remembrance of the Japanese War heroes, from the Boshin War from 1868 to World War II.

Heroes or War Criminals?

To be the pros and cons, there are several names recorded in this temple, which according to the Chinese and Korean sides are war criminals. Well, this is a tricky one. Heroes for one country are not necessarily considered heroes for other countries.

The existence of the names in the temple is regarded as Japan’s recognition of past imperialism. As a result, if there are Japanese political figures who worship at this shrine, Korean and Chinese people are doing protest and demonstration action.

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